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Roots & Soul believes in combining Western design with the skills and talent of the local craftsmen we encounter around the world. We further believe in co-creation, in responsible business and in respecting nature. We are focussed on high quality products and small-scale production.

Roots & Soul offers genuine handmade goods, created from carefully selected materials, piece by piece. We have a passion for craftsmanship and we stay away from industrial production. Working together with talented craftsmen and artisans, we try to design products that are beautiful, well-made, unique, and sustainable. 

We are inspired by our travels, nature, surfing, meeting people and connecting with them. Oh, and we love to chase the sun!


On our travels we find talented craftsmen and suitable workshops. We speak to the owners and listen to their stories. We seek those who we feel fit our brand and our values the best.


Roots & Soul founders Bart and Flora started chasing their dreams in 2013 when they decided to quit their jobs and move to Central America. There they combined their passion for yoga, surfing and beach life with living in the jungle and running an eco-lodge.

On their travels Bart and Flora were amazed by the quality and beauty of handmade local craftwork. Their believe in small-scale production, in honouring the talent of handwork and craftsmanship, and shared aspiration to design sustainable products that are fit for the beach lifestyle, led them to start Roots & Soul in 2014.


By choosing to work only with local artisans we, as much as you the as proud owner of a R&S product, are keeping crafts and handwork alive.


Working only with small workshops and in direct contact with craftspeople, Flora, Bart and their team drive from one skilled worker to the next, making the products of Roots & Soul come to life. Establishing a relationship with  new workshops on their travels, they try to support local economies while designing and producing with respect for nature. Their own roots are in Amsterdam and they love the combination of city life and design, while chasing the sun and surf in their free time. Bart and Flora dream of creating a label that stands for handmade, original and beautiful products, and speaks to the kind of people who share their attitudes and aspirations.